Selection Criteria

If there are more applications than places available, the following selection criteria will be applied:

  • Children who reside in the City of Whitehorse by the 30thJune preceding the year of enrolment will be given priority over children residing outside the City of Whitehorse
  • Repeating children from Pope Road Kindergarten will have priority entry into the kindergarten. A second year of attendance in the Three Year Old Group is by recommendation of teacher and parents and approval of the Approved Provider and a second year of attendance in the funded Four Year Old Group and must be formally approved.

All children will then be prioritised according to the following Local Factors:

  1. Link to theKindergarten
  • Siblings – Brothers/Sisters of previous or current attendees.
  • Three – Four Year Old Group Continuation – Applicant has applied to attend the Four Year Old Group Program at Pope Road Kindergarten in the following year (used for Three Year Old Group selection process). Children who attended the Three Year Old Group Program at Pope Road Kindergarten (used for Four Year Old Group selection process).

2.      Proximity

  • Closest distance from the child’s address to Pope Road Kindergarten. For the purpose of this clause, will be used to calculate distance as the crow flies.
  • Where children live an equal distance from the kindergarten, a random selection process will be conducted in the presence of the enrolment sub-committee.

Once Local Factors have been considered, the following criteria will then be applied:

  1. Other Repeating (4YO Only) – Children who have attended a funded 4 year old pre-school program and are eligible for a second year of funded 4 year old pre-school as recommended by an Early Childhood Teacher, and request the second funded year be at anotherpre-school.
  2. Special Circumstances – Families can submit in writing (prior to the 30th June preceding the intended year of enrolment), to the Approved Provider, any circumstances which they feel worthy of consideration. This will be reviewed by the Approved Provider before offers are sent.
  3. Verified Priority Children (4YO Only) – as taken from DEECD Kindergarten Guide 2014.
  • Children at risk of abuse or neglect and children in Out Of Home Care
  • Children in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait IslanderFamilies
  • Children with additional needs

Where a Verified Priority Child is not offered a place at Pope Road Kindergarten due to the application of the above criteria, Pope Road Kindergarten will work in conjunction with WPSA to ensure the child is offered a place at another kindergarten within the City of Whitehorse.

Approved by Committee of Management on May 12, 2014

Please note that the Enrolment Policy may be altered at any time. If you have already applied for a position you will be informed of any change to the policy.

WPSA Selection Criteria 2017-18